“Aptechno – Plovdiv” JSC Activities

The main activity

The main activity of “Aptechno – Plovdiv” JSC is the distribution of medicines. The company is market oriented, with the potential to expand its activities not only in the distribution business, but also in the production of medicines.

Our own production site

Aptechno – Plovdiv” JSC is trading with a range of products from recognized producers, from Bulgaria, Europe and America. Our company is a supplier to whole sale and retail merchants throughout the country.

Having our own production site, allows us to produce and distribute different cosmetic products, tinctures, solutions and substances, which purpose is to heal and to prevent the health of the people, as well as all forms of medicines and food supplements.

The production sector of the company is GMP certified (international standard for good production practice).

Our own products

We produce our own products – cosmetic products Flo Beauty Care, medicines and medicaments and food supplements , some of which are produced in our site only.
We have the potential to produce any others cosmetic products, forms of medicines and food supplements, which could be of interest for our potential partners.

Transport services

Another business activity is the executing of local transport services for construction objects, trenches, quarries, concrete plants etc. in Bulgaria. We have our own vehicles (trucks and tractors with semi-trailers), which allows us to be flexible enough in negotiating any particular service.


The main partners of “Aptechno – Plovdiv” JSC are the companies “FLORA-02” LTD and “HESA 1” LTD.