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Nikolay Ivanov Anastasov, MD,
Executive director of “Aptechno – Plovdiv” JSC

“Aptechno – Plovdiv” JSC is fully and successfully made private. It is one of the biggest in the country, powerful, with quite noticeable presence in the field of medicine distribution. The company is market oriented, with the potential to expand its activities not only in the distribution business, but also in the production of medicines.

All this is possible because of the flexible management structure:

Managment structure


We have built honest and straight relations with all Bulgarian producers; our local distributers allow us to offer a wide range of the registered and permitted for use in the country medicines, herbs, children’s food, food supplements, means for disinfection, medical supplies for different areas of medicine and dentistry, hygiene and sanitary products, medical and other cosmetics to pharmacies and medical establishments.